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Foot Levelers are custom-made orthotics to be inserted in shoes to help improve spinal health


are the foundation for the entire body. They must be balanced and healthy

to support the weight above it.

Foot Levelers support the foot through

the three phases of the gait cycle:

heel strike     mid-stance     toe-off

Many lower back and knee issues are the result of feet that are poorly supported, and we can fix that!


The use of orthotics represents a long-term, yet cost-effective intervention for many types of functional and structural problems.

Improved shock absorption

Reduced repetitive stress on joints and muscles

Smoother function

Decreased arthritic symptoms

An imbalance in the skeletal frame will result in pain - Now or Later

Collapsed arches in one or both feet will cause misalignment

Put additional stress on the soft tissue

Effect the knees, hips, back, or neck, and may result in injury and chronic pain


We provide Complete Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family

As well as Acupuncture, Physiotherapies Including Medical Pressure Wave Therapy, Orthotics

Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Diabetic Education and Health and Wellness Products

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